Must See Destinations In Albania

Here are my top reasons for why you should visit Albania

And here are some of my favorite Albanian destinations:

And my favorite Albanian experiences:

  • Anniversary Party:  November 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence and the entire month was one big black and red party.
  • Arts: Whether touring a local ceramics studio where each piece of pottery is hand thrown and painted in traditional motifs and colors or visiting a mosaic artist in his studio arts are alive and well in Albania.
  • Bunkers: Learning about Albania's Communist past through their quirky, concrete mushrooms.
  • Coffee: Albanians love their coffee and regardless of where you are in the country, you are never far from a cafe.
  • Communist Past: Albanians are only gradually beginning to talk about their Communist past. This exhibit at the National History Museum is both chilling and thought provoking.
  • Food: The slow food movement has come to Albania but traditional Albanian food has always been both organic and slow
  • Music: Traditional folk music tells the story of the country's rich history
  • Olives: Albania is full of olive trees and attending an olive pressing was one of the highlights of my time there.
  • Raki: The burn of this national fire water comes in making it (burning it) and drinking it.
  • Exploring the wild: Getting off road and seeing rural Albania is like going back in time.
  • Wine: Where there aren't olive groves there are vineyards and Albania has a developing wine industry. Visiting a small but growing winery is always fun.

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