Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update From A Slacker

I've been slacking on all fronts lately.  Slacking in my parenting: isn't it ok for Sidney to have chips before dinner (after all, they are oregano flavored), slacking in my cooking: dinners have been from the freezer or a box more often than not as of late, slacking in keeping up with friends:  I blame the time difference but what about those who are in the same city, and slacking on my blogging:  enough said.

I started out 2012 (yes, a short 31 days ago) with the best of intentions. Dinners were going to be timely affairs with all of us sitting at the table together.  More often than not, they are served late, hence Sidney's chip eating.  We were going to have home cooked meals on a nightly basis and I would try a minimum of two new recipes a week.  This was to justify the numerous cooking magazines that clog our mailbox.  Year to date, I've tried exactly one and even that was met with mixed results.

In 2012 I planned to Skype with friends and family, respond to email and Facebook messages as I received them, and get together with my Albanian based girlfriends on a regular basis.  I apologize to friends who are still waiting for return emails and to our families whose Skype sessions have been cancelled (or gasp forgotten).  Today, on the last day of the month I finally managed to have lunch with a friend.  I loved every minute of it and am now kicking myself for not getting my act together sooner to do this more often.  After all, it is our friends that sustain us.

I've made a few blog posts this year but not the regular, though provoking ones I had hoped to write. Instead I'm complaining about my slacking.

I could make excuses but I don't really have any.  Yes, its cold and gray but it is every January and I have always managed to be more productive in past years.  I'm working this year but I've worked more hours in the past and still managed to feed my family well.  I don't know why this year is different but it is.

So on the eve of February- a short month after all- I vow to shed my slacking habit and be more productive.  I'm going to strive to have one thought provoking blog entry each week, I'm going to actually return all of those emails that fill my inbox and I'm going to cook nutritious dinners and have them on the table by 1900 each evening.  There, I've written it down for the world to see so I must follow though.

With that, I had been go start working on dinner.

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