Friday, July 18, 2014

Commercials, Oh My!

Talk about culture shock! After three years of watching no network American television I feel as though I am in shock with the commercials. We aren't big television watchers to begin with but our dose of American pop culture has been limited to the sanitized AFN network and their plethora of PSAs about how to be a good neighbor, co-worker and representative of our country. And now, after all this time of not seeing commercials, I feel overwhelmed by the mass marketing, in your face nature of America's advertising gurus. At the risk of sounding like an old cranky pants, when did commercials get so loud? A comfortable sound level will suddenly turn to ear deafening blasts when a show switches to commercials. Really? Are people more apt to buy something if the advertiser yells at you? (More likely, they want to ensure you hear their message while you run to the kitchen or bathroom).

It seems as though everything is for sale. From buy one -- get one free deals to limited time only discounts on all of your must have new and improved items, if you have the cash (or the plastic) the world is yours for the taking. Cars and discounted furniture are being peddled by slick salesmen while cartoon characters are selling everything from cereals and chips to toys and auto insurance. I've never been a fan of talking animals as advertising tools but after not seeing them for so long they just seem plain silly to me. And the back to school and end of summer sales? It is only mid-July so can't we please enjoy what is left of our summer before we are rushed into what comes next. At least I haven't seen any Halloween or Christmas ads yet but then again, I am probably a couple weeks too early.

I guess I never realized just how annoying commercials are.....until now. Do people really watch them and do these marketing strategies really sell more stuff? I'm realizing that maybe the AFN infomercials aren't so bad after all.

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