Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Bread Evolution

I've found that cooks fall into three categories; those that follow recipe directions as if their lives depend upon it, those that never follow any written recipe and make things up as they go along, and those who fall somewhere in between.  I fall into the later category.  When it comes to non-desserts I rarely follow a recipe.  Rather I add and delete things to the pan based on what smells and tastes right and what ingredients I have on hand.  I'm usually a directions following gal when it comes to baking; after all the chemical reactions and leavening required for so many baked goods leaves this chemistry challenged cook running for my cookbooks.  Because of this, my recent savory bread experiment was a departure from my norm and it turned out to be a success.

The Kitchen Ninja, author of my favorite cooking blog The Adventures of the Yankee Kitchen Ninja, recently posted a recipe for a savory an olive bread that she in turn had tweaked from Susan Hermann Loomis of On Rue Tatin fame.  In my attempt at recreating the bread I substituted, improvised and experimented as I saw fit.  The resulting bread came out so well that I'm going to have to start experimenting with my baking more.

You can find my recipe for vegetable-olive bread here.

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