Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blogging for Blogging's Sake

Blogging.  Who would have thought it would become such a popular trend?  It seems like everyone is doing it.  Not too long ago I discovered BlogHer; a website dedicated to posting and supporting blogs written by women.  According to their press information they provide a platform "for over 50 million women who blog and their readers to gain exposure, education, community, and empowerment."  Scrolling through their website one can find links to women's commentaries on just about any topic. Food, parenting, travels, sex, religion, current events.  The list goes on but if you want to read --or write--about it, there is a blog out there talking about it.  I could- and many times do- spend countless hours reading the interesting and thought provoking posts being shared by other women from all over the world.  BlogHer's network has grown so expansive that they hold annual conferences that bring bloggers together.  (Hint, hint Glenn- I want to go).  This vast, and mostly virtual, networking tool is something that other institutions should be envious of.  And I am proud to say that this blog is now a part of such a fantastic network.

Why do I blog?  Unlike so many women who have spun their blogs into full time jobs (After my failed money making attempt where I earned a whopping 32 cents over the course of two months, I often wonder how they actually make money off of this enterprise).  For me the purpose is much more personal.  These days sitting down to write is a rare opportunity for me to have my own identity and do something that is just for me.  When I sit down in front of my laptop (which more often than not is during the pre-dawn or late night hours), for a brief time I am Zosia the blogger. Not a wife; not a mother; not the Embassy CLO; not the DATT spouse; but myself with my own thoughts, ideas, and completely free reign over what my fingertips tap out.  Unlike some blogs that focus on a single topic, my blog tends to be more free flowing.  One post might recap a recent family trip while the next discusses local Albanian customs, personal interests or even a really great meal I ate. I really am all over the place and that is what I love about this whole experience.  What ends up on the page is the result of whatever thoughts happen to be flowing through my mind at the moment.  (In full disclosure, for the sake of world peace I do filter on occasion).  Without a face to face audience I feel free to write what I think without the fear of being judged.  Much to my surprise I've found that blogging is one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced.

Because I'm enjoying this experience so much and because I'm not one to turn down a challenge, I've signed up to participate in BlogHer's NaBoPoMo challenge for November.  NaBoPoMo is a monthly contest that challenges bloggers to blog every day over the course of any given month. Some months have themes- often single words that can send one's thoughts in a thousand different directions (I love seeing how a simple word can trigger such varied responses).  This month's theme is a non-theme.  We are being challenged to write about anything that inspires us and to simply blog for blogging's sake.  Perhaps this challenge will be more difficult than past ones.  I like to think that it gives me more flexibility but since there isn't any right or wrong do I really need that flexibility?

So now that I've signed up, I'm committed to write something for each and everyone of the 30 days this month.  Am I crazy for taking on a new commitment?  Probably but since I enjoy writing so much I can look at is as carving out some daily "me time".  Ironically, November, a month filled with holidays, social engagements, and the tedious tasks of daily life might be the easiest one for me to attempt this feat.  Our plans call for us to stay close to home this month meaning I will have a consistent,  relatively reliable Internet connection (or at least as reliable of a connection as one can find in this part of the world).  Our varied holidays and social commitments ensure that I will have a steady stream of topics to think and write about this month. Will each entry be lengthy and through provoking?  Probably not.  Some posts will be down right brief.  I'm sure I'll cross post with my other blog on occasion but that is OK since the intent is to write and post every day.  I'm up for it so let the challenge begin.

One day down; twenty-nine more to go!

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